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The Future of
Frictionless Procurement
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TrueValueHub is a software as a service(SaaS) solution that drives bottom-line savings with data-driven sourcing processes, supplier discovery, and  collaboration  
Our Story

TrueValueHub B2B software as a service (SaaS) solution developed by supply chain and engineering professionals with decades of industry experience in large and small companies. The TrueValueHub team has experienced firsthand the pain points with procurement platforms and their inability to drive promised value, resulting in poor adoption and user experience.

TrueValueHub solution drives value through data-driven lean strategic sourcing processes, supplier discovery, and collaboration for direct materials and services. Enabling the procurement team to drive the most value for the product portfolio sourced.

TrueValueHub provides a superior User Experience(UX) through an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) built on lean principles. The smart platform distinguishes and eliminates/automates non-value-adding activities for the platform user to focus on value-adding activities



Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize big data and insights into the true cost of sourcing products and services from across the globe. Create transparency and drive collaboration between the buyer and the supplier through data-driven lean processes. Reduce overall sourcing cycle time and eliminate non-value adding sourcing steps while driving maximum value for the product portfolio sourced.

​Provide pay-as-you-go, self-funded, subscription-based SaaS solution for both small and large companies that do not require large initial investments.




Technology is an enabler; the value is driven by the sourcing team executing on data-driven processes and taking action on the insights and opportunities identified. 

TrueValueHub's advanced platform and solutions leverage the latest in big data, Artificial intelligence(AI), and Machine learning(ML) with algorithms developed on supervised learning, reinforcement learning, and proprietary rule-based algorithms. 

The platform is hosted on the most secure Azure cloud with security at three different levels.

Who are we

How it works

Identify Opportunity

1. Upload your product information to the platform using easy-to-use templates or Integrate with your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications. 

2. Get insights into the true cost of sourcing the product and cost-saving opportunities within minutes.. Analyze scenarios for the best region to source, portfolio opportunities,  risk, and exposure to macro and microeconomic trends across the globe.

Approach your next supplier negotiation with a detailed cost breakdown of the sourced product and industry benchmarks and best practices for the key cost drivers utilizing the TrueValue Hub negotiation playbook.  

Discover and Collaborate

3. Identify the best-fit supplier for your portfolio complexity, quality and certification needs, and delivery requirements. 

4. Collaborate with the suppliers on a secure platform in real-time. Get instant quotes (ZERO RFQ) with suppliers registered on the platform. Gain insights on the competitiveness of supplier quotes with TrueValue Competitive Index.

How it works

Incubated at
Wharton Venture Labs

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