Proven Results.

Drive sourcing decisions and supplier negotiations with detailed insights into the total landed cost of manufacturing parts and assemblies across the globe.

Gain visibility into the Should Cost, Could Cost, and Best Cost for your sourcing portfolio with the combined power of artificial intelligence and real-time big data.

Achieve your cost saving and supplier reduction targets with data-driven strategic sourcing.
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Gain sourcing efficiency with a cloud-based and easy-to-use costing solution for mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronics categories.
Empower your procurement team with AI-based technology to make data-driven sourcing decisions and collaborate with suppliers in real-time. 
Savings on Direct Material Spend
Reduction in Sourcing Cycle Time
Scope 3
Carbon Emissions Visibility and Reduction
Unlock measurable cost savings with
Sourcing Co-pilot
True ValueHub's Sourcing Co-pilot is your sourcing companion. It continuously works in the background to generate insights and recommend new cost saving opportunities and ways to mitigate risk. 

The Sourcing Co-pilot analyzes your portfolio of purchased parts and assemblies to identify all key cost drivers at individual part and component levels. The AI engine evaluates current trends, historical data and future projections of cost drivers across 50+ countries. The Sourcing Co-pilot’s actionable insights provide your team with the necessary data to achieve your annual cost saving targets while lowering your sourcing portfolio risk exposure.
Pay the right price

Identify supplier-specific Should Cost with the supplier digital factory and detailed cost breakdown of material, labor, cycle time, machine, tooling, overhead and profit, packaging, logistics, and duties and tariff. Collaborate with suppliers in real time to achieve measurable cost savings.

Our proprietary AI engine performs a digital teardown of your CAD design, for individual purchased parts or assemblies, and identifies the Could Cost and the Best Cost.  It evaluates fixed and variable costs of manufacturing processes, materials, and suppliers’ regions, presents feasible options for minimizing cost and risk exposure, and recommends Design For Manufacturing (DFM),  Design for Cost (DTC) and Design for Value (DTV) improvements.


Assess your mechanical, electro-mechanical, and electronics sourcing portfolio through the AI lens that groups similar parts and assemblies for optimal supplier selection. 

Discover the most and least competitive suppliers in your value chain, and follow through with supplier consolidation and cost savings.


Make better and faster data-driven decisions to meet your organization's strategic sourcing objectives. Our cloud-based automated AI solution is easy to use - the buyer can invite the supplier to collaborate in real time. Our simple user interface provides a superior experience to both, the buyer and the supplier. 

Reduce your sourcing cycle time and new product introduction time-to-market with the help from our Zero RFQ tool that leverages supplier digital factory to generate instant RFQs.

How True ValueHub works
Seamlessly integrate your PLM/PDM/ERP application with our secure cloud platform and upload 1000’s of parts and assemblies.

OR        Interactively upload parts and assemblies, individually or in batches, as your sourcing needs dictate
Automated AI engine, calibrated to your supply chain, extracts required information and prepares each part and assembly for costing.
Proprietary AI algorithms perform a detailed Should Cost analysis, calculate total landed cost and present cost saving opportunities for material, manufacturing process, tooling, secondary process, overhead and profit, packaging, logistics, and duties and tariff.
The AI engine provides advanced scenario analysis of additional cost optimization options for Could Cost, Best Cost, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Cost (DFC)
Buyer can invite suppliers to collaborate on cost and the solution tacks identified cost saving actions, action owners and timeline.
Buyers can make changes as organizations' supply chain needs evolve; the AI/ML engine self-calibrates, updates cost models and learns from similar parts, offering a superior user experience.
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Most comprehensive costing solution for mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronics parts and assemblies.
With a track record of delivering results, we are a trusted solution for manufacturing companies across 100+ processes and 50+ countries.
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(100+ processes)
Sheet metal and fabrication
Laser cutting
Stage press
Turret Punch (TPP)
Plasma cutting
Water jet cutting
Press brake
Drawing and forming
Transfer press
Precision Stamping
Metal forming
Open die hot forging
Closed die hot forging
Closed die cold forging
Cold heating
Roll forming
Spring/wire forming
Ring forging
Centerless grinding
Cylindrical grinding
Surface griding
Gear hobbing
Green sand casting
Green sand casting - automated
No bake casting
High pressure die casting
Low pressure die casting
Gravity die casting
Shell casting
Centrifugal casting
Plastics and rubber
Injection molding - single shot
Injection molding - double shot
Thermo forming
Compression molding
Blow molding
Rotor molding
Transfer molding
Rubber vulcanization
Vacuum forming
Rubber die cutting
Ultrasonic testing
Radiography testing
Die penetration testing
Leak testing
Salt spray testing
Metal extrusion
Plastic extrusion
Rubber extrusion
Additive manufacturing
3D printing
Mig welding
Tig welding
Spot welding
Stick/sub merged arc welding
Sonic welding
Friction welding
Mechanical joints
Secondary processes
Power coating
Heat treatment
Sand/shot blasting
Screen/pad printing
Clean room environment
(10+ processes)
Printed circuit board (PCB)
Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)
(20+ processes)
Cable and wire harness
Developed by Procurement and Engineering Practitioners
True ValueHub is developed by a team of industry practitioners with more than two decades of global procurement, design engineering, and digital transformation experience. Our team has experienced first-hand the lack of transparency and the complexity in sourcing products in today’s global supply chain. 

We are leveraging the latest advancements in AI, big data and cloud computing to bring an automated data-driven approach to sourcing and to simplify procurement.
of collective experience in manufacturing and procurement
parts costed
$20+ billion
in procurement spend managed

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